NEWS - 01.03.23


Set against a backdrop of hills, snow-capped peaks and picturesque valleys, this book invites you on an extraordinary journey into the exclusive world of seventeen of the most authentic and charming private mountain chalets and apartments in Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and Lapland. These are all real, honest places. On the outside, they often seem as if they have remained unchanged for centuries, but inside the rustic charm has given way to contemporary interior design, austere and restrained or timeless and modern.

Respect for authenticity and traditional hospitality go hand in hand with ultimate home comfort and an often surprising contemporary or timeless design. Living rooms warmed by crackling fires, bedrooms under the eaves, beds with down comforters, kitchens with rough-hewn wooden beams.

Exclusive Living in the Mountains offers a broad portrait of stunning architectural alpine chalets. A true paradise for those interested in unique interiors in the mountains.