NEWS - 20.01.23

NEC PLUS ULTRA - The Beauty of Natural Stone in Private Residences

Used since the beginninig of the 18th century, the Latin expression "nec plus ultra" has its origin in Roman mythology.

It appears in the twelve labors of Hercules when the hero separates Europe from Africa during his tenth exploit. By tapping on the ground, Hercules causes an earthquake that leads to the formation of two rocky columns in Gibraltar, called the Pillars of Hercules.

This place seemed to him to be the limits of the world, so he engraved "nec plus ultra", which means "limit not to be exceeded at either side of the Strait of Gibraltar, in part as a warning to sailors not to travel beyond the edge of the known world. The initial meaning of the expression has evolved into the notion of perfection; it is necessarily perfect because it cannot go any further!

The term "Nec Plus Ultra" was used as the title of this book because the author describes the perfection with which every architect, interior designer and natural stone craftsman approaches the use of natural stone in all its forms for extraordinary interior design projects.