Chalet Dolomite Alps


Perfect location to be and feel good

In the middle of a ski slope in the Dolomites, this mini chalet looks like a simple mountain hut at first glance. This intentional modesty reflects the client's desire for a private hideaway within nature. The use of high-quality, local materials such as natural stone and matured timber and the cooperation with local craftsmen shows a respectful integration into the surroundings.


January 2018 – January 2019


Concept, execution, building supervision

Breathtaking view and feel-good atmosphere

To skiers passing the hut as they fly down the piste, what lies behind the automatic shutters is hidden from view, whilst from the inside, the residents have a breathtaking view of the ski slope and the surrounding mountain landscape. One of the key concepts of the project was communication. The open plan design offers more than enough space for both: eating, living and also for enjoying long fireside chats and the good things in life such as family time, good food and great wine.


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