Chalet Kitzbühel


From a rustic chalet to a modern home

A special challenge was the transformation of the single-family house built in the classical style. The aim was to give the existing house an authentic, lighter and more sophisticated character. The trust of the clients, as well as the deep intervention in the structure and architecture, made this holistic approach possible. In the attic, monolithic bronze bodies separate the living space from an additional guest suite. In order to create a more balanced composition of coarse materials, such as old wood and natural stone, with finer elements, a Pandomo visible screed was used in the attic. This contrast allows the special effect of the wooden surfaces to really come into its own.


March 2015 - October 2016


Concept, execution, construction support



Aesthetic competence and execution at the highest level

The redesign of this chalet was probably one of the greatest challenges that Bernd Gruber has faced so far. The chalet was built in the rustic Alpine style and shone with old wood and cowhide wherever you looked. However, the new owners wanted a modern and light ambience in which they could be and live every day. That's how our team got to work and first of all, we thought about – what can go?  Following the motto "less is more", many of the old wood elements and cowhide ceilings were removed. However, in order to not lose the charm and cosiness of the chalet, highlights were deliberately set with the existing old wood. Walls in the bedroom or dining room and the ceiling in the attic were consciously preserved. In combination with the new metal, leather and stone elements a modern lightness could be created.



The essence of beautiful things in a home accessory for all senses

Bernd Gruber N°01 combines cedar and sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver in a unique fragrance experience. The selected composition is an homage to places that inspire us.