Chalet Leitenweg Jochberg


Refuge with imperial view

Bernd Gruber accompanied the owner of this property for two years in his search for a place of inner peace. It was found in the mountain landscape of Jochberg with a view of the Wilder Kaiser. In accordance with its surroundings, a return to nature was the guiding principle of the design. The stone and spruce façade is loosened up by reduced metalwork, such as balcony railings made of waxed iron or filigree window openings.



February 2014 - July 2015


Concept (inside and outside), execution, construction support



The balance of subtle contrasts

Exceptional fixtures and unique pieces create character: a metal gallery, an imposing fireplace or the impressive concrete kitchen. Nature as a reference can be seen everywhere, for example in the wooden and stone floors and lime-based wall surfaces.


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