Loft Conversion Wasagasse Vienna


»I don't want to change anything. After all, you don't buy a Picasso to complete it with a brush.«

The attic conversion of the house from the late 19th century was accompanied by Bernd Gruber from the search for the property to its completion. The central yet very quiet oasis at Schottentor was initially divided into two apartments. The interior design concept is based on classic modernism and follows a solid materiality that gains in character and quality with time and use. In the living loft, the walls themselves come to the fore as a design element and define the evolution from the wall surface to the wall body. Large window openings between the kitchen and living room create a volume whose architectural effect is loosened up with individual pieces of furniture from the Viennese art scene from the Art Nouveau period.


February 2013 - July 2014


Real estate search, conception, execution, construction supervision




Hidden details

On the day of the handover, the attic conversion was put through its paces until the early hours of the morning – and found to be good. Even days and weeks later, the owners were able to discover hidden details that made the apartment unique. For example, an engraving in the door handle or a lettering in the shower wall that can be read from both sides – each with a different meaning. This was made possible by mutual trust between client and team, and we are grateful for such a relationship. This was the only way to create something unique.


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