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BERND GRUBER – interior design and craftsmanship

Our first book – a personal perspective

We wanted to create a very personal Bernd Gruber book. A book about our work, about what motivates us and what manifests our personal beliefs. We spent a weekend in a hut discussing beauty and our belief that beautiful things are better. The essence of these discussions became >Bernd Gruber – interior design and craftsmanship<.

Bernd Gruber Monograph

A coffee table book about our projects and our personal approach on architecture and design.

Pages: 192
Publishing house: Beta Plus
ISBN: 9782875500571

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From conversations at the fireplace to a book - an excerpt

Because beautiful things are better

This credo >because beautiful things are better< may sounds arrogant at first. Not everyone has the privilege of being surrounded by beautiful things. Isn't this also a valuation? What do we mean by >better<?

Better for whom? Doesn't everyone judge beauty differently? What do we understand by beauty and what is particulary important to us? How do we interpret beauty when designing a home for clients?

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