Design and Craftsmanship in perfect harmony

What makes our work stand out is our holistic approach combined with an unconditional commitment to quality.

Because everything is connected with everything

Just as a human influences its environment we believe the opposite also to be true. That is why we develop holistic interior design concepts which take a persons character same as the environment into account.


Where know-how meets instinct.

The essence of our business lies in craftsmanship and this is why we do not only design living spaces, we bring them to life through our love of detail and perfection. We have a deep understanding of the materials we use and how to get the very best from them, together with a tried and tested instinct for taking an idea and transforming it into something beautiful.



Our work begins before construction commences

We are at our best when our clients ask us to advise them from the very beginning. For this project on Lake Constance, we held a workshop with our clients to define how they envisaged their future living space. The aim was to create a modern villa, which was timeless and minimalistic, but also homely. We found our ideal partner in the international architecture company Oppenheim Architecture, based in Basel and Miami.


Inspiration and enrichment

When we walk through life with alert and curious eyes, we find special things others might not see. On our journeys, we discover unique art and design objects, but also unconventional perspectives. We collect things because they touch us.


Creativity and creation

The attention to detail that is evident in our unique pieces can be seen not only in our atelier, but also in the production processes of our workshop. The synergy between craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, makes it a true high tech manufactory.



Bernd Gruber in Munich

The fusion of artisan tradition and contemporary interior design has found a permanent home in Munich: In an iconic, 200-square-meter building located in the gorgeous villa-lined section of Bogenhausen, our growing team of experts is planning and managing new, challenging projects – an initial step in the direction of future expansion and internationalization.

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